SEO Challenge - Learn SEO!

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SEO Challenge - Learn SEO!

I actually have a big SEO post written, but I decided to do a quick update on a few search engine related things and a good opportunity to learn some search engine optimization.

First of all, I want to talk about an SEO challenge that started a while ago. The challenge was started by a web solutions company known as Busby. The name of the challenge? The Busby SEO challenge.

The rules are simple: whomever can rank the highest on Google for “Busby SEO Challenge” wins $5000. I noticed this contest going a while ago and having been paying attention since.

This is one of those rare opportunities where we get to see SEO at work. Please guys, use this opportunity to learn about getting to the top of search engine rankings.

Think about it–hundreds of webmasters are trying to optimize for a single term. Studying how the top 10 got their rankings is a great way to learn about search engine optimization FOR FREE!

You might be wondering why I didn’t decide to join in. Well there a few reasons:

  1. Let’s be realistic here: I’d have to beat some of the best SEO experts out there–the odds of which are slim. To jump start your Busby SEO post, you’d be better off using a PR 5+ Authority site that will easily pass huge amounts of authority to your post. The only site that I have like that have nothing to do with SEO, which brings me to…
  2. Google bait. This competition boils down to one thing: getting anchored backlinks with the term “Busby SEO Challenge”. This means everyone is calling in all the chips and using their entire link network to get links. To me, this rubbing Google bombing in Google’s face…not something I’d reccomend.

All SEO experts are calling in their chips right now, so it’s a good time to be giving out favours. What goes around comes around and there are plenty of big sites looking for perfect anchored links right now.

The reason I decided to blog about this now was that the webmaster of MyTradeDomain told me that he was participating in the Busby SEO Challenge. Well the interesting thing is that he started the contest late and has less backlinks than anyone else, but is still ranking in the top 10.

How does he do it? His website is a pagerank 5 authority, so his site is getting plenty of Google love.

Best search engine rankings

There is one thing I wanted to point out about the SEO challenge–most of the top sites are teams. That’s because getting to the top of search engine rankings is all about anchored links (as shown in my home cash course post)

5 people can get way more anchored text links than one, so why not pair up?

This is the point I’m trying to make–the real way to top the search engines is to build yourself a link network. Back when I was talking about search engines and links I baited Justin from SEO Zombie to this site. That was my first step in creating a link network.

All those at the top of the SEO challenge rankings have created a network of friends who understand SEO and will give each other perfect, keyword anchored backlinks.

This is exactly what you need to do.

Now I was going to talk a bit about my new project which shows people how to make extra money and the changes to the ebay partner network, but we’ll save that topic for another day.

Use the seo challenge to your advantage! This is a free way to learn seo and increase your search engine rankings!

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