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Blogging - Not the same as making real money

First off let me apologize for giving up on this blog. After my little stint of turning this into an SEO “content is king” blog I started making real money doing niche marketing, if you’re interested in all that see this new blog.

Anyone on my RSS list will know that I stopped posting. What you don’t know is that I have been working on dozens of other sites. I have figured out the recipe for making cash and it is has nothing to do with blogging.

Incidentally I have realized that it is possible to make money while blogging if you pick the right niche and plan it properly. You plan it as a business first then do the blogging stuff second.

That’s how to make money with a blog.

No matter how good your content is you need the business mindset when creating the site. That’s why less than 1% of us actually make money with our sites.

A lot of it is SEO. Understanding the theory of how Google thinks and exactly how the algorithm works will give you a huge leg up in an ultra competitive niche. Here’s the thing–it’s not even necessary.

Stop sweating the intracacies of SEO. All you should worry about is link building. Rank #1 for something, make some money and then start worrying about how to repeat it with a big money site.

You need to do the small stuff and move on up to your own youtube-sized project. The smaller stuff will also help bankroll the bigger stuff.

Stop worrying, go link build.


*Instead of spending $47 on the inferior 3waylinks.net spend $12 on the awesome Connect Content

Sorry about the caps but I hope you understand the urgency here.

A lot of people want to know about Jon Leger’s 3waylinks.net. It is a link network that helps you build large amounts of low quality links. In exchange your sites must link out with dozens and dozens of low quality links.

Does 3waylinks.net work?

Yes, it does. I’ve seen people take over niches with very little competition by using 3waylinks.net.

Do I use 3waylinks.net?

Of course not. And I won’t recommend it to anyone looking to build links. When it comes to getting links, you need to stay away from anything that leaves a big sign on your head asking to be slapped by google (ie. reduce your footprint).

3waylinks.net is inferior to connect content because you need to use their script for linking out, which means it’s extremely obvious you are part of their network…that’s a nice way to get the Google Slap quicktime.

Why Connect Content > 3WayLinks.Net

Connect Content allows you to get backlinks more discretely and even in a more white-hat way. Since all the links you get are from related posts there is no “unrelated link building”.

You are pretty much in the clear if you use CC and you’ll save HUGE thanks to it’s tiny cost of $12/month.

It is something I’ve been a part of for a few months now and I must say I’m very pleased.

Click here to check out Connect Content…

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